Klenspop review: A033 Grey

12:56:00 AM

I decided to try out some dark lenses from Klenspop, so here's my review on the A033 Grey. If you want to buy anything from Klenspop, you can use the code for 10% off!
Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Life Span: 6 months
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Graphic diameter: 13.2mm
Water content: 38%
 The package took around 9 days to get delivered from Korea to New Zealand. 
As usual, the box contained a pair of tweezers, the contacts and a lens container.
The design is so pretty, it reminds me of butterfly wings hehe. There's a ring of black on the outside  that surrounds the grey and pink (that's in the middle), with some black that makes a daisy petals like pattern.
The colour is really rather subtle, and I think the colour leans more towards a purple than grey. You have to look closely to see the details. The enlargement is very noticeable.
From far away, you can only see a ring of lighter colour, and the rest looks like my natural eye colour. The enlargement is a bit much for me if I'm not wearing makeup that's slightly heavier than usual.
Comfort: 10/10 The lenses lasted for around 7 hours before my eyes started to feel tired.
Colour: 4/10 I wish the colour is more obvious :/ 
Enlargement: 8/10 Good amount of enlargement for a cute dolly look
Overall: 8/10

Thank you for reading up to this point! Hope you found this review helpful!

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