Review: ACONCEPT Shape of My Face Triple Contour

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I've been getting into subtle contouring recently, so I was very excited when Jolse decided to send me the ACONCEPT: Shape of My Face Triple Contour. I have yet to try any of these contour kits that contain three shades, so I was looking forward to see how they compare to the contour duos I already have.
Note: Even though this review was sponsored, all opinions are my own.

About this product
  1. Three colours contour that will discover your hidden line.
  2. Colour composition without blush blends well into the skin. Fine particulars closely adheres, preventing smudge or stains. Adequately mix three colours according to the spot you want to either conceal or stress.
  3. This product has colour combination without and is fit fit for Asian's skin.
  4. This All in One Triple Colour Contour can be used in variety according to the spot.
The front packaging is simple and chic,with the logo, brand and name. The information about the product and instructions are all on the back of the packaging.
The packaging on the contour trio is matte and black, which I think is quite similar to 3 Concept Eyes' design. It's very light weight, though a bit too thick for my liking.
I dislike the layout of the shades. The curve makes it difficult for me to dip my brush in to one particular colour, especially the middle shade. I have to use with a small brush, but I don't find small brushes that great when contouring unless it's my nose or my eye area. Though I do like how it can be used as contour, eye shadow and eye brow powder.
There were a lot of powder kick up when I swatched with my finger, and when I swirled my brush in it. I don't really like that because that is a bit too messy and isn't good for travelling. I personally find the darkest shade most useful since the middle shade is too yellow for me, and the lightest shade doesn't show up on my skin.
I used the darkest shade around my cheek, the middle shade to blend that out and on my temple and nose. I also used a mix of the darkest and middle shade to blend my eye shadow. I did not use the lightest because it did not show up on my skin at all. I had to go in with the contour a few times for it to reach the intensity I liked.
The contour lasted around 3-4 hours on me, so you'd have to touch up throughout the day. I think this contour is best for people with light medium to light skin, if you're any darker than me then I do not recommend this.

  • Sleek packaging 
  • Multipurpose
  • Smooth powder
  • Buildable
  • Lightweight
  • Contains a mirror
  • Bit thick
  • Not very pigmented
  • Not long lasting
  • Powdery 
  • Not suitable for a wide range of skin tones
I give these tints a 3/5! I recommend this to those who want a light and natural contour, and don't mind touching up every so often. I use this on days where I'm going out with friends and just want a slightly contoured look. 
Thanks for reading this review, and thank you Jolse for sponsoring me! I hope this review has helped you, have a good day!

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