Pinky Paradise review: Twilight Reborn in green

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Hi! Today I will be reviewing the lens shown in the photo above. It is Pinky Paradise's Twilight Reborn in green. The Twilight Reborn line features lenses that are vibrant and give your eyes a 'glowing' effect. They aim to light up your eyes so they are the first thing people notice when they look at you. If you use the code EYEDROPSFREE at the checkout, you will get a free bottle of eye drops!
The lenses came wrapped securely in a thick layer of foam. The parcel also included a pair of velcro hair clips and a cute blue pig lens case.
This is what the lenses look like. I noticed straight away that the green is quite saturated and bright compared to the brown and yellow. The brown will act as a more natural limbal ring and the yellow will help to blend the green with your natural eye colour.
Please excuse the two different mascaras, I was trying out The Face Shop's Marvel collection ;p
As you can see, the green is really obvious! You can barely see the yellow from afar and the brown ring really makes the green stand out. The enlargement is there, but it's not unnaturally large. 
Even though I wore a bright lipstick, my eyes still stand out (in my opinion). Though from far away, the green is less obvious and it looks more pale yellow. I think these lenses are great for cosplay, or anyone who wants to wear some more out there lenses. I also noticed that these lenses are more shiny than the ones I normally wear, they reflect light well which helps with the bright eyes look.

Comfort: 3/5 These lenses made my eyes feel dry after a few hours, which disappointed me.They were easy to put in and take out and caused no other discomfort.
Colour: 4/5 The colour is vibrant and I was impressed by how the green showed up on my very dark eyes. They are not natural (obviously..) so I don't recommend for any people who wants a subtle eye colour change.
Enlargement: 2.5/5 The enlargement is not very obvious. The lenses make your eyes look bigger without looking overly fake.
Overall: 3/5

Like the last time I was sponsored by PP, they took a longer than usual time to reply to my e-mails and send my lenses. I don't really like that and think customer service is something they can work on.
Thanks for reading this review, I hope you liked it :D Have a nice day!

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