Etude House Play Colour Eyes in Juice Bar review

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Annnnd the reviews for Etude House shadow palettes continue........ There is a wine version that was just released, but honestly I don't think I'll get it :p

This will be a review for Etude House's Play Color Eyes palette in Juice Bar. I have been really getting into warm orange and pink shadows lately, which is why I picked up this palette as well as the cherry blossom one. If you want to check out my review on that palette, click here! 
There are 10 shadows in this palette, with a range of mattes, shimmers and glitter shades. There are shades from the Play Color Eyes single shadows and Blend 4 Eyes palettes, as well as 3 colours unique to this palette. 

About this product
  1. Soft shades of color and can be made to look as one directed by an orange brown color palette configuration suitable for a refreshing point up the eyes.
  2. This is a 10 color eye shadow like a gloss of juice comes in various texture for different expression of the eyes for different occasions.

The packaging is simpler than the cherry blossom palette. It is a plain orange with citrus fruits on the side. The names of the shades and information about this palette are on the back of the box.
The palette is a bit longer than my hand and is very slim, making it easy to travel with. It also comes with a good sized mirror on the lid.
Unfortunately Etude House doesn't provide the shade code (like BE111), so I'm not too sure what the colours are in the single shadows :/ The colours from left to right:
Raw Cacao (unique colour) - very dark brown with slight gold shimmer
Grapefruit Tart - matte peach coral 
Soft Peach (unique colour) - satin light pink shade with a lot of gold shimmers
Orange Peel - a dark bronze, has a lot of small shimmers
Muscle Mania (this name tho lmao) - dark glittery beige, appears darker in the pan
Orange Bianco (unique shade) - a burnt orange matte, applies lighter than shown in pan
Fever Orange - bright orange glitter shadow, contains gold glitters
Kissing Gourami - pretty pink shade with gold shimmers, giving it a gold-pink shift
New Recipe - matte light peach 
Bubble Bath - beige/champagne shimmer
I feel like this palette is I expected from the Too Face Peach Palette. It has a nice balance of peaches and oranges, along with a some light beige shimmers and a brown to highlight/deepen your eye look. Thought I would have liked a more muted shade for the crease. A lot of people want matte blacks in an eye shadow palette to 'complete the look', but I think the dark brown is a good substitute. It's dark enough to make a statement, but is not too harsh compared to the other shades. It also suits the juice bar theme more than a black would. 
All these finger swatches were done with two swipes over my arm, which had Etude House's eye primer on.

The matte shadows are smooth and the most of the shimmers/glitters are just slightly dry. For shades with large glitters, you can definitely feel them when you swirl your fingers in the pan. 
I personally think these shadows perform better than the ones in the Cherry Blossom palette. For me, lighter shades Soft Peach and Bubble Bath are too sheer when applied to the eyes and a few layers are needed for the pigmentation to show. Out of the mattes, New Recipe was the only one that is a patchy when swatched. The shadows are all very easy to blend, and most of them were not patchy when applied to the eye.
Here is a look I created using the palette: I used New Recipe all over my eye, Grapefruit Tart on my lids, Orange Bianco on the outer corner, Fever Orange on the inner half of my eye, Kissing Gourami  on the centre lower lash line, I used Raw Cacao as liner and put some in the outer and inner lower lash line, and last of all, I used Bubble Bath as an inner corner highlight.

The lasting powers of the inner corner highlight and Kissing Gourami on my lower lash line were poor. They both lasted for around 4 hours and Kissing Gourami sunk into my fine lines. However, I found Kissing Gourami's lasting power increased when used elsewhere :/ The other shadows are a LOT brighter in person, and they lasted for a good 8 hours. I did notice that near the 6 hour mark Grapefruit Tart started to blend itself into Orange Bianco. The overall eye look was very bright, so I think another palette with more muted shades can be used to create an everyday look that's not as attention grabbing.

  • Travel friendly
  • Cute packaging
  • Colours suit the overall theme
  • Blendable shadows
  • Most shades are very pigmented
  • Good lasting power
  • Pigmentation is lacking
  • Settles into lines
  • Lack of more wearable shades - cannot do a more subtle everyday look
  • Lightest colour is a total dud
Overall, I give this palette a 3.5/5. While I like this palette, it is not a must for me and there is definitely room for improvement. It is a good palette for people who like shades that are warm and bright, so if you prefer cooler tones or more natural eye makeup, this is not the palette for you.

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