Review: A'pieu Colour Lip Stain Gel Tint in CR02 and RD03

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Hello! Today I will be reviewing the  A'pieu Colour Lip Stain Gel Tint, in CR02 Misty Day and RD03 Dear No One. I haven't tried many gel tints and things from the A'pieu brand before so thought I'd fix that problem ;p There are a total of 12 shades in this line.

About this product
A’PIEU Color Lip Stain Gel Tint helps to create lively colors and giving long-lasting effect with the moistness of gel.
Gel texture – With gel texture that holds moisture for moist and volume lips.
Dewy Moisture System – Forms moisture layer which without stickiness to create glossy lips that is full of moisture.
Long-lasting – Strong tinting and lasting effect to keep lips lively for long time.
Soft curve tip – Perfectly matches with gel tint, conveniently control usage and keeps lips even smoother.

Colour options
#CR01 Sprinkle
#CR02 Misty Day
#CR03 Melting Maple
#CR04 Stick With You
#OR01 Full Of Light
#OR02 Carry On
#OR03 Really True
#RD01 Everything
#RD02 Ready For You
#RD03 Dear No One
#RD04 Rubious
#RD05 Run Around

The box packaging of the tints has a very chic and modern design. I really like how the name of the product is in a square, it gives it a minimalist feel and looks more high end.
Like the box packaging, the tint itself has a very minimalist and classy design. The tints look like high end products, which I like hehe. The lid is a very shiny black, which while looks good, makes fingerprints/dust super obvious (as you can see in the photos above). I like how the bottle is clear so you can see the colour of the product and how much is left.
I quite like the length of the wand, it's not too short/long, making it easy to control the applicator. There is a stopper, but I still think there's too much product on the applicator, especially for gradient lips. 
On to the swatches!
This is CR03 applied as a gradient lip. Not much product is needed as the tint is very pigmented and spreadable. 
The tint's real colour is very different from the official swatch. The real colour is more of a bright brick red with orange undertones. It's a lot brighter than the official swatch, which really disappointed me because I thought I'd be able to find a muted berry red with a hint of brown that Korean lip products lack.
I used a wet wipe to wipe my lips a good 5 times, and this was the tint left on my lips. While it did cling onto some dry bits, I quite like the colour. It's obvious I have tinted lips but it doesn't look overly unnatural. 
This is what RD03 looks like when I used it to do a gradient lip. For these tints I just dot a few small dots on each lip and smack my lips together, if I'm feeling fancy I'll use a cotton bud to spread the tint out. 
The colour is more accurate this time! Though it is brighter than I expected.
This is the tint left on my lips after wiping the product off with my wet wipe. The tint is a lot pinker and is very pretty in my opinion. Like CR02, the tint also clung onto dry patches.
I found it interesting how the arm swatch looked so much closer to the official swatches, but looks a lot brighter on my lips.

As mentioned previously, the tint is rather thin and spreadable. Little goes a long way and not much is needed to get great pigmentation. However, this means that it is prone to getting on your teeth before it sets, so that's something to look out for. The wear time's pretty great, it barely transfers, lasted for a good 5.5 hours and even though it didn't survive eating, both the colours left and obvious stain. 
The tint left my lips feeling dry and wrinkly after a couple of hours, which is not a good sign. So it certainly did not live up to the 'hold moisture' claim. It didn't look as bad on the outside, but I prefer applying a lip balm under it.
The scent of these are super strong, it's a very fruity sweet scent, similar to the Heimish tint. The smell fades away after a while, but is definitely a downside.

  • Sleek packaging
  • Wide colour selection
  • Leaves a strong stain
  • Smells nice
  • Spreadable and easy to work with
  • Only a little product's needed
  • Drying
  • Bad taste
  • Strong smell
  • Not quite smudge proof
  • Inaccurate official swatches
  • Clings onto dry patches
I give these tints a 3/5! I recommend looking up swatches online instead of relying on official swatch, since there seems to be some inaccuracy ^^'

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