Etude House Play Colour Eyes in Cherry Blossom review

2:28:00 AM

Hello guys~ Today I will be reviewing Etude House's Play Color Eyes palette in Cherry Blossom. This palette's obviously very suitable for spring, and since it's officially Spring in New Zealand, I thought I'd get this palette and wear it during Spring ^^ This palette has a mixture of shimmers, glitters and mattes. There are 10 shades, and 4 of them are unique colours only available in this palette.

About this product
  1. The 10-color eye shadow palette colors your eyes with pink color resembling cherry blossoms dancing in spring.
  2. Romantic pink colour shades - a shadow palette delivering various makeup looks with romantic and lovely point colours and natural shade colours.
  3. Soft and silky texture - highly adhesive soft texture delivers vivid colour and helps pearls last all day without cracking or settling into fine lines.
As you can see, the cardboard box packaging is covered in cherry blossoms and has the typical cute Etude House vibe. The back has all the information on the palette, including shade names and directions. 
The palette itself is slim and lightweight, just like all the other Etude House Play Color Eyes palettes. It also contains a mirror that is as large as the palette itself.

As always, the colours are suitable for the palette theme~ Here are the colours from left to right:
The End of Spring (unique colour) - pink shadow with large gold specks
Cherry Blossom Rain (unique colour) - a matte light pink shadow with strong coral undertones
Sweet Jujube Tea (RD301) - dusty rose colour, matte shadow
Classic Chocolate Shop (BR408) - warm, matte brown
Rosy Filter (BR425) - shimmery bronze colour
Twinkle Wink (BE105) - sparkly beige shadow 
Orange Way (OR217) - apricot colour with gold shimmers
Cherry Blossom Festival (unique colour) - medium pink shadow with obvious silver glitter
Pink Bakery (PK015) - deep hot pink shimmer
Popped Cherry Blossom Popcorn (unique colour) - white shadow with silver and pink glitter, giving it a pink shift
I included a photo under artificial light to show the shimmers~ I like how the colours are very pink, as you would expect from the name, but they also included shades that are more on the neutral side (such as the matte brown) so you can do a complete eye look with this one palette. I find it interesting how they didn't include a neutral light brown as a crease/transition shade, but they made that up with Cherry Blossom Rain. I think that will help give a more pink spring feel to the eye makeup.
Please note that I have made a mistake in the swatch!! The second and third colour from the right (the pinks) are supposed to be swapped around!!! So the first pink in the photo is Pink Bakery (hot pink) and the second pink in the photo is Cherry Blossom Festival (the medium pink) T^T
All these swatches were done with two swipes over my arm, which had Etude House's eye primer on.

The texture of the shadows are not as soft as some of the other shadows I've tried, and I felt like the shimmer shades were drier than the matte shades. 
The mattes are all smooth to the touch, and I must say I was expecting them to be less pigmented than they are. The mattes are also a bit patchy, but blends easily. The shimmers didn't have that soft/plush feel a lot of shimmer shadows have. The pigmentation varies between them, the darker shades such as Rosy Filter and Pink Bakery have better pigmentation than the lighter highlight shades. I noticed that Pink Bakery and Cherry Blossom Festival looks really similar in swatches in terms of colour, when applied, Cherry Blossom Festival's silver glitters don't really show up. 

When applied on the eyes, I found that the mattes performs better than the shimmers, with the exception of Rosy Filter (but tbh bronzes shades are always pigmented...), and the pigmentation is better if you use your fingers. I found that my brushes have trouble picking up shades like Pink Bakery, The End of Spring and Twinkle Wink, due to the specks of glitter in them. Cherry Blossom Festival and Pink Bakery legit looks the same on my eyes I don't see the point in having both of them in the palette. 
In the photo above I used Cherry Blossom Rain all over my lids, going above the crease. Sweet Jujube Tea and Classic Chocolate Shop in the outer corner, outer lower lash line. I used Cherry Blossom Festival on the lids, on the side that's closer to the outer corner, then Orange Way on the rest of my lid. To highlight the inner corner, I used Popped Cherry Blossom Popcorn.

The lasting power of the shadows is alright. The mattes stayed in place and didn't particularly fade during the day, including the light pink Cherry Blossom Rain! However the shimmers were all around my eye area after 5 hours and I didn't really like them overall. The shadows did crease/settle into my lines, so the claims about the shimmers staying in place and no creasing are both false.

  • Travel friendly
  • Super cute packaging
  • Pretty colours
  • Blendable mattes
  • Pigmentation is lacking
  • Creases easily
  • Shimmers don't stay put
  • Two of the colours are basically the same

Overall, I give this palette a 2.5/5. I am rather disappointed in this palette. Etude House eye shadows are usually quite good, but I didn't think these were that great. The mattes applied nicely and are easy to blend, but most shimmers lack in pigmentation and tend to move around during the day a lot. I don't recommend this palette unless you like to collect Etude House palettes. 

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