Review: Hope Girl Tinted Cushion Lipstick in #1 Burgundy Red

11:42:00 PM

Hello! This will be my review of the Hope Girl Tint Cushion Lipstick in the colour Burgundy Red. This was my first time trying anything from the brand, so I was quite excited haha. I haven't tried cushion lipsticks/tints before, so I decided to get their cushion lipstick :D 

About this product
  1. Built-in convenient cushion sponge - its soft cushion sponge represents natural gradient lip colours .
  2. Well blending sensation tinted with your lip - as soon as it is applied, it is blended to your lip softly and smoothly without flaking off.
  3. Vivid tint colour - it continues vivid colouring in the lip delicately for a long time with a single touch.
  4. Hypoallergenic nutritional care - with no paraben contained, it is safe to apply to the sensitive lips without irritation, and with argan oil, shea butter and vitamin E ingredients contained, it protects lips from drying and keeps it moist.
Colour options
#1 Burgundy Red
#2 Orchid Plum
#3 Coral Pink
#4 Neon Orange
#5 Peach Beige

You also get 1.1g of product in each lipstick.
I must say, I really dislike the packaging/design. To me, the leopard print is tacky and I don't like it at all. I have noted that the overall product is quite light, making it feel a bit cheap. The lids at two ends make a satisfying click sound when you close it, so you'll know the lid won't fall off.
The lipstick is on one end, and a dense black sponge with a pointed tip is on the other.
This is how much product you get. The lipstick itself has a completely round shape instead of straight edges like many other lipsticks. I did not notice any smell from the lipstick.
This is what it look like applied fully. It is a bold red instead of a burgundy red as implied by the name and the official swatch photos. The lipstick applied very smoothly and felt light on my lips, but the round tip didn't allow for a precise application.
This is the gradient lip created using the lipstick and the sponge applied.  It was very easy to spread using the sponge, which I have to admit I was not expecting. The pointed tip of the sponge allowed for easy smudging (?) at the corner of my lips.
Here are the swatches of the lipstick. The top one is after being smudged by the sponge, and the bottom one is just a normal swatch.
There was a small amount of staining from the lipstick. This is what was left after wiping the swatch off with a wet wipe. I did find the staining was more effective on my lips. While the lipstick did not survive a meal, there was a visible tint on my lips. 

As mentioned previously, the lipstick applied very smoothly and felt very light on my lips. I really like the velvet finish, and it did not feel drying like most velvet/matte lipsticks. The lipstick did not sink into my lip lines, but did cling on to very dry patches. It is not 100% transfer proof, it does come off just a tiny bit when I drink from a cup.

  • Not drying
  • Creamy, smooth formula
  • Feels light on lips
  • Long lasting if you don't eat
  • Good staining power
  • Useful sponge applicator
  • Does not sink into lip lines
  • Minimal transfer
  • Clings onto dry patches
  • Inaccurate official swatches
  • Bad (imo) design of packaging
  • Round bullet = less accurate application
  • Limited colours
Overall, I give these lipsticks a 3/5! If you want a non-glossy lipstick that is not drying, I would highly recommend trying this out. I do recommend looking up swatches online instead of relying on their official swatch, since there seems to be some inaccuracy ^^'

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