Review: Etude House Tint My Brows Gel

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Hello! Today I am going to review the very famous Etude House Tint My Brows Gel. This has been talked about by many Youtubers, bloggers etc, and I've been wanting to try it for ages, I FINALLY BIT THE BULLET AND BOUGHT IT. I got this in grey brown since my hair is always either a dark brown or black (it's black rn), and the other colours looked a bit too light for me. Recently Etude House came up with more fun colours such as pink ash brown and khaki ash brown (which looks pink and green imo lmao), which is great for people with more colourful hair.

About this product:
New-concept eyebrow gel tint that makes eyebrow makeup last longer after removing the tint.
Gives a natural tone and a clear outline to eyebrows.
Elastic applicator makes it easy to control the thickness of the line.

Colour options:
  • Light brown
  • Brown
  • Grey brown
  • Red brown
  • Khaki ash brown
  • Pink ash brown
  • Orange brown

How to apply
  1. After trimming the eyebrows without applying skincare product or makeup, apply a liberal amount according to the desired shape of the eyebrow. (Apply a liberal amount to remove the pack easily.)
  2. Dry for at least 2 hours. For stronger coloration, apply before going to bed at night and remove the next morning.
  3. After drying completely, remove slowly starting from the tail of the eyebrow. (Do not remove the pack forcibly as it may pull out the eyebrow.)
  4. Do not use a cleansing product (product with detergent) or apply force on the eyebrow area within 24 hours of using the product.
Not sure of the Korean, but I'm glad that they put the direction in English, I can see many people being very confused otherwise haha. 
The brush reminds me of a nail polish brush. It's flat and wide, which makes it difficult to make accurate lines, especially for the end of the brow.
This is what my natural brows look like after a bit of trimming. I think they're pretty good for Asian eyebrows when it comes to the amount of hairs I have, but I do have quite a few sparse areas.
 Ummm it seems like the hairs at the end of my brow were too long, and they're sticking up... The gel was very sticky and was a bit difficult to apply. It dried/got tacky fairly fast and will come off if you apply on top of the tacky area. I found it hard to control how much I put on, I wanted less gel on the start of my brow so I can avoid that block brow look, but it didn't really work T^T
*typical Crayon shin-chan photo*
I waited a bit more than 2 hours before peeling the gel off. Some people said it was painful to peel off, but for me, it was easy to peel off and did not hurt at all.
The gel did not peel off completely, there are little bits here and there where the gel was still stuck to my brow hair. It may look like the gel ripped my brow hairs out, but it just coated my hairs and that coat was taken off.
As you can see, the front of my brows are very burgundy, I think this was because I tried to apply it thinner on that area so I won't have square brows. The edges are quite blunt imo an I don't like the harsh look T^T I think in the future I will try to apply thinner layers and less gel overall at the start of my brows. So the photo above is day one. The product said to not use cleanser on the brows for 24 hours, but I had to clean my face, so I just tried to avoid the area.
This is what the brows looked like on the second day. So after 2 washes with my Cosrx low pH cleanser (which usually removes any makeup I have on). A lot of the colour has been washed off, and it looks more brown and orange.
This is day 3, after shower and 2 face washes. The colour has lightened a little and looks especially ginger at the beginning of my brows. I can get away with this colour in dark lighting.
This is how my brows look on day 4, after shower and 2 face washes. They're just full on ginger now ;-; I have noticed that the beginning of my left eyebrow (right in this photo) has faded more than any other areas, I should have applied more gel :p I didn't go out of the house that day so I didn't use any other products to fix my brows, but I think they're needed to make my brows look presentable.
On day 5, after 2 face washes. The ginger is still there but it is rather faint. I had to use eyebrow pencil on top of the tint. 
I am impressed by the lasting power of this gel tint, but I wouldn't go out of the house without touching my brows up in the last 2 days. I'm not so pleased with the colour of this though. I don't think it suits people with black hair tbh, you either look like you have super stenciled on brows or orange brows lol. I liked the colour on the first day except for the stenciled look and the strong red tint, the colour was just plain no for the other days. Look wise I think my eyebrows looked the best on the day 2 and 3. 

  • Saves time
  • Good lasting power
  • Smells nice
  • Easy to fix mistakes (with q-tip)
  • Interesting colour options
  • Not suitable for people with black hair
  • Hard to apply
  • You can't really do anything for 2 hours
  • Colour fades weirdly
  • Most likely won't look natural

Overall, I give this tint a 2.5/10. I don't think I will repurchase again, to me it's more of a 'fun to try' product than something I'd reach for often.

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