Klenspop review: Marvel Romantic Brown

5:19:00 PM

Hello! I will be reviewing a pair of lenses sent to me by Klenspop: Marvel Romantic Brown. I wanted something that's natural and I can wear without it being very obvious I'm wearing contacts, so I chose these simple browns ones :D
Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own
Life Span: 6 months
Base curve: 8.7mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic diameter: 12.7mm
Water content: 40%
The lenses came in a bubble postage bag and took around 10 days to get from Korea to New Zealand.
As usual, the lenses came with a lens container and a pair of tweezers. I must say I really like the bottle's design this time haha.
The design is very simple, making it perfect for everyday wear. There is a sheer ring of black and brown on the outside, and completely clear everywhere else. I noticed that the brown extends towards the centre a bit more than the black.
The effect of the lens is not very noticeable and the enlargement is minimal. However if you look closely you can see the ring of black. The brown helps the black to blend in with my natural eye colour. 
From far away, the lens look like they're my natural eyes, but you can see the ring of black in certain light. Even though the enlargement of the lens is very small, you can still see a difference. These are great for anyone who wants a pair of natural looking lens.
Comfort: 5/10 I was able to wear these for around 6 hours the first time, however during the second wear, my left eye started hurting a lot after a couple of hours and I had to take the lenses out :/
Colour: 10/10 Based how natural these lens look :p I'm guessing these are supposed to look natural and they do their job well!
Enlargement: 2/10 Hardly enlarged my eyes at all, so not for those who want big looking eyes.
Overall: 5/10
Thank you for reading this review, I hope it has helped you out a little ^^

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