Review: BBIA Last Layered Pencil

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Hello! Today I will be reviewing BBIA's Last Layered Pencil Ombre Edition in shades L01, L04, L05. These were released a couple of months ago, and I was so excited when I saw the colours. As some of yous know, Korean lip products are usually a bold red or bright pink/coral. However these pencils have unusual colours (for Korean brands anyway) such as a nude, black and burgundy, so I was eager to try them out. The Retro Edition features more of the pink and orange colours. I have reviewed BBIA's lipsticks before and I was pretty impressed (you can check the review out here), so I was expecting good things from these pencils. I bought these from Jolse, but they sold out after 2 days! I'm sure you can buy them off Ebay though ^^

About this product
  • Express a layered look from your eyes to the lips.Easy layering, perfect blending lip and eye shadow pencil. 
  • Natural layering without borderlines by weightless formula, and soft blending with silky touch.
  • Light rubs do not erase or smear the make-up, keeping it intact as it first applied.
Colour options
  1. LO1 Naked
  2. LO2 Loud
  3. LO3 Haute Red
  4. LO4 Bold
  5. LO5 Poison
The design of the lip pencil is quite sleek and look a bit like an eyeliner ahahah. The colour of the lip pencil is shown on the lid, which is helpful when you're looking for the colour.  The shade colour is also labelled on the body.
The shades from left to right: LO1, LO4 and LO5.
There is 0.8g of product, which in my opinion isn't a lot. In length it's long, but as you can see the product itself is quite thin, meaning it will take a while to colour all of your lips.
The shape of the tip is not the usual lipstick shape. While I appreciate the fact that you can use the flat sides for wider areas and the edges for smaller areas, I don't really see the point since the product is so small/thin, the edges will become blunt and turn into a round shape after a few uses.
This is what the shades look like swatched on my arm. You can see that I had to do multiple swipes to get the swatch to an average size since the pencil is so thin. On the arm, LO1 is a... muddy... yellow... beige... That doesn't sound very attractive but I think it will suit a lot of people. LO4 is a deep red that kind of remind me of dried blood o.o It's not too bright and is great for Autumn. LO5 is a black which is soooo rare in Korean makeup, or just Asian makeup overall. These colours are definitely more 'Western' than 'Asian'.
On the lips, LO1 is a deep beige, a bit darker than it appears in the photo. It is definitely far from the official swatch, which shows a very nude beige. It does not require layering for an opaque layer.
LO4's formula isn't as nice as LO1's. It is patchy and more difficult to apply, as you can see in the photo. My lip colour is a bit uneven and this colour does show that.
LO5 is the worst when it comes to achieving an even application. I applied many layers but you can still see my natural lip colour showing through. I like how they moved away from the girly shades but the black's formula really isn't that great.

These lip pencils feel quite similar to the lipsticks: creamy, smooth, not moisturising but not too drying (at first). After a while it does start to feel a bit drying. None of the shades sunk into my lip lines, but I think they did make my lips look dryer than they felt. I disagree with the statement 'Light rubs do not erase or smear the make-up, keeping it intact as it first applied.', all of them rubs off slightly if I run my finger over my lip, especially the black. Like many lip products, the inner ring did not survive a meal! The smell of these is a very typical lipstick smell (chemicals..) with a hint of vanilla.
  • Sleek packaging
  • Creamy, smooth formula
  • Good colour selection
  • Long lasting as long as you don't eat
  • Accucentuate lip lines and make lips look dry
  • Not moisturising
  • Not much product
  • Transfers
  • Formula varies
Overall, I give these lipsticks a 2.5/5! If you're super into Asian makeup, but want to try more Western colours, you can try these out. Thanks for reading this review, tell me what you think about BBIA's Last Layered Pencil in the comments ^^

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