Review: Too Cool For School Artclass By Rodin Highlighter

10:19:00 PM

Hello! Today I will be reviewing the Too Cool For School Artclass By Rodin Highlighter. This is actually my first Too Cool For School product, so I was so excited when I received it hehe. Anyway, let's get on with the review~

Too Cool For School's description:
Compact highlighting palette of 3 colour combinations for a perfect glow. Fine shimmering powder adds glamourous dimension and sheen to the skin without any fall-outs.

The highlighter comes in a super cute cardboard box. The design is the same as the contour except for the border and the colour is more feminine: pink and white with brown writing instead of black and gold. 
If you take apart the box, you can read about who this line is inspired by. I think this is a pretty cool packaging idea.
The design of the case is very similar to the packaging. Beside the top of the lid, everywhere else is a matte black and looks very sleek. I think the case can be thinner but it's not too bad for travelling. You get 11g of product and the shelf life is 12 months.
As you can see, there are 3 stripes of different colours The left stripe is the lightest and is a pale gold. The middle is a light orange kind of colour, way darker and more golden than the left stripe. The right stripe can look like a dusty rose colour (like in the photo) or a rose gold depending on the angle. You are supposed to mix the left and middle shades together for forehead and nose, and the right shade for cheekbones to temple. Of course you can mix all 3 shades together as well!
The first 2 are definitely good highlight colours, but the third one is too dark for me and anyone paler than me, however it is good for giving tanner people a natural glow (compared to the lighter shades anyway). I found that the darker colour, the more opaque the colour and the easier it is to swatch. 
The texture is smooth to the touch but is a bit powdery when you swirl your finger/brush. The highlighter has a mix of fine and big shimmers that are very reflective, so it doesn't give you that natural glowy look. If you're into fine highlighters that give you a 'glow' then this isn't the highlighter for you. 
It blends in nicely and isn't that pigmented but can be built up, so you can achieve both a subtle and dramatic look with this highlighter. I also like to use the colours as an eyeshadow since they kiiinda look like a big pan of eyeshadows.
The lasting power is so-so. It started fading around 4-5 hours of wear. If you touch your face, a good amount of the shimmer will transfer onto your hands.

I give this highlighter 3.5/5. I hope you enjoyed this review :D I'm not sure when my next post will be up since there is a massive bush fire going on in my city and it's getting pretty close to my house, so we will probably have to evacuate some time soon. I hope it will be put out soon :(

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