Japanese inspired eye makeup

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Hello! Today I will be sharing a tutorial of an eye look that was inspired by Japanese makeup. I like the whole blush under eye look but don't think that's very wearable here in NZ, so I decided to use some red/burgundy on my lower lash line instead. This eye look is more out there than what I usually wear, so I'll probably wear this out on special occasions like going out with friends ^^ 
The mask is there because I did my nails just before doing my makeup, and nail polishes always smell horrible :I I am also wearing no colour lenses in this tutorial because I think it looks best with my normal eyes
Anyway, let's get started!
I start off by using a light brown/dark blonde brow mascara to lighten some of my brow hair, I think this will reduce the contrast between the pink shadow I will add in next and my natural black brow hairs. I don't really know why I did my brows the way I did, just trying out something different I guess? And I hate my left eyebrow pls don't look at it..
I filled in my eyebrows with a dark pink eye shadow instead of my brown grey normal brow pencil. I think the end result matched my lighter hair quite well :D
Before I use any shadows on my eyes, I use Etude House's eye primer to prime my lids~
I decided to keep my upper lid eye shadow simple. I simply used a matte camel shade all over my lids and made it go past my crease.
I added a matte light beige onto my lids and did not go past the crease. I used a light hand and made sure to blend it into the camel colour.
I used a burgundy shadow on the outer half of my lower lash line. I found that I don't really suit shadow all across my lash line, so I focused the colour on the very outer corner instead, which I think makes my eye look longer?!
To highlight my inner corner, I used a beige shimmery shadow. 
With the same angled brush I used on my brows, I drew my eyeliner with black shadow. Instead of flicking it up, I extended it more downwards so that it meets the edge of the burgundy.
I then used a dark brown eyeliner and drew a wing that extends downwards on the inner part of the black shadow. I couldn't help myself and drew a slight wing at the end. I filled in the gaps between my lashes with a brown gel eye liner.
I curled my lashes and applied some mascara on my top and bottom lashes.
Because I basically have no lower lashes (cry) I drew some on with my liquid liner. And the eye makeup is complete!
I hope you liked this look and have a wonderful day!

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