Ravenclaw Inspired Eye Look

2:38:00 PM

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 has been treating you well so far. Today I will be sharing an eye look with you all. I have always identified myself as a Ravenclaw (and Pottermore agreed!) so when I saw the bronzes and blues in the Fortune Favours The Brave palette I knew I had to do a look based on the two Ravenclaw colours. So here is how I created the eye look!
For the crease colour, I used Latte and blended it up. I focused the colour mainly on the outer part of my crease, and less near the inside of the eye.
I used Super Gold all over the lid, blending it a bit into Latte. Despite the name, it's actually a beautiful deep bronze. I made sure to not go over the crease.
With Sunset Hour, which is a lighter, shimmery bronze, I lightened up the middle of the lid. I also used a thin layer of it on Latte to kind of blend True Gold into Latte.
With a dark brown called Caffeine Fix, I darkened the outer and inner corner to add dimension to the look.
I used the same brown on the very outside of the lower lash line, with it fading towards the middle.
I used Midnight Rainbow all across my lower lash line with no brown shadow. I blended it into the brown and made sure there are no harsh edges. This will act as a base for the brighter blue.
To add the brilliant Ravenclaw blue, I used Skylight on top of Midnight Rainbow, especially focusing on the area closest to my lashes. There are bits of gold flakes in Skylight, which adds interest to the blue section.
I used a dark brown eyeliner and lightly tight lined my eyes.
I used a black eyeliner and drew my liner as shown above. I think brown eyeliner will look just as nice!
I curled my lashes and used my favourite Kiss Me Heroine Mascara.
That's the finished look! I hope you liked it and thanks for reading~

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