Japanese Makeup/Skincare Haul!

4:23:00 AM

Hello! I went a little crazy in Japan when I saw all the cosmetics and skincare and bought multiples of many products because it's so difficult to get them in NZ. I went to many stores such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi, LoFt, Ainz&Tulpe and Don Quijote. In most of those stores I found goody bags for brands such as K-Palette, Kiss Me Heroine and Dolly Wink, kind of kicking myself for not buying more of them. 
Anyway, here goes my haul!

Two mascaras from Kiss Me Heroine and Dolly Wink.
A heat up lash curler from....??? I threw out the package after this photo, bad planning sorry.
Two packs of fake lashes from Dolly Wink and another pack from Miche Blommin'.
Two lip sticks from Cezanne, I've heard good things about both of these lines(?) so my expectations are a bit high.
Canmake blush that has a more coral/orange colour palette. The swatches in store looked promising!
Two of Canmake's Stay On Balm Rouge.
I think I'll do a review on most of the products in this photo, if not all of them :p
The top three products are all from a K-Palette goody bag: eyebrow pencil, eyebrow mascara and the famous eyeliner. It's too bad they only had the brown for the eyebrow pencil and mascara.
Dolly Wink eyeliner. I have this in brown and I love it, so I decided to get one in black.
Kiss Me Heroine eye liner, which is another very famous eyeliner.
Help why did I buy so many eyeliners T^T
I got most of these from LoFt, I went a bit crazy in there...
LoFt's nail hardener and random brand's cuticle remover and four-sided nail buffer/file.
Three Nail holic polish: I've seen them so often on Japanese nail art Instagrams and I've been wanting to try them forever!
A sheer nude polish mum got me.
Two polishes from Ducato, another brand I've seen on Instagram ^^
Lululun face masks. The smaller pack has pretty meh reviews so I'm hoping this huge one will be better.
The very famous sunscreen by Biore.
A moisturizer and face wash from Sana Nameraka.... Not sure if that's the actual brand name.
A nice chocolate brown hair dye from Liese, as well as a more ash coloured one from Schwarzkopf.

That's the end of my haul! I have bought multiples of some of these for a giveaway I'm going to do ;) So keep an eye out for that!  
Please let me know if you would like me to review any of these products?

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