Romwe Review (December 11th, 2016)

10:02:00 PM

This Romwe review will be my last blog post before I head off to China! I do have a couple of posts scheduled so there won't be a lack of posts ^^ Anyway, let's get to the review~
Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own.

This plaid coat caught my eye because the design is very classic and elegant. When I tried it on, I was confused as to why it's so short. It turns out the length is around 79cm, not 89cm as advertised on the website. While the material felt sturdy and suitable for Autumn, I disliked the padding around the shoulder and how material bunched up slightly around the shoulders. I think this coat is more suited for slimmer girls :c
More information
  • Shoulder(cm): 40cm
  • Bust(cm): 100cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm): 58cm
  • Length(cm): 89cm
  • Overall: ❤ ❤ ❤ / 5
This grey sweatshirt is very simple and I liked the placement of 24 hours on the chest. The pink stripe at the side of the arms is hardly noticeable in the photos on Romwe, and I didn't even realise until I received it. Like the coat, the measurement of this top is inaccurate as well. From what I've measured, the chest is 86cm, the length is 54cm. When it comes to Romwe's measurements, I'd take them with a LARGE grain of salt..
More information
  • Shoulder(cm): 42cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm): 59cm
  • Length(cm): 62cm
  • Bust(cm): 100-110cm
  • Overall: ❤ ❤ ❤ / 5
This black bottle top gives off a typical Tumblr aesthetic vibe. I'm not sure if the characters on the top make any sense (水和したまま? まま? wut). But I do like the bottle design, it's very cute! The material is stretchy, which was not what I expected. It also looks a lot baggier online, maybe I should have gone a size up ;-;
More information
  • Shoulder(cm): M:42cm, L:43cm, XL:44cm
  • Length(cm): M:58cm, L:59cm, XL:60cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm): M:21cm, L:22cm, XL:23cm
  • Bust(cm): M:86-96cm, L:90-100cm, XL:94-104cm
  • Overall: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ / 5
  • The last item I got was this pair of skinny ankle pants. No photo because well... I really couldn't fit in them. I got this in L, so the length should have been 92cm, instead it was around 70cm T^T Also, the thigh is not 38-68cm, more like 38-50cm lol. There's nothing much to say tbh.

    • Shipping: 10/10
    • Customer service: 8/10
      Overall: 9/10

    • I'm so disappointed in Romwe this time due to the inaccuracies in measurements. Hopefully they can fix that in the future.

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