Makeup Revolution: Fortune Favours The Brave palette review

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Hellooo! Today I am reviewing Makeup Revolution's Fortune Favours The Brave palette, which is a collaboration with British Beauty Blogger. This actually came out like 6 months ago but shhh ;) I was so excited to get this and immediately start taking photos after I received it hehe. It's very affordable (just like any Makeup Revolution palettes) which is always a good thing~

 Instead of the usual black packaging, this palette's packaging is matte gold, making it look very luxurious. This palette contains 30 shadows, which are displayed on the back of the packaging. 
Here is the list of ingredients and other information on the shadows~
Like the outer packaging, the palette itself is also a matte gold. In the centre there is a Chinese symbol that represents good fortune in shiny gold. The list of ingredients is also at the back.
The 30 shadows include mattes, sheens and shimmery shades, with 4 baked marble shadows. The marble shadows are the ones that really caught my eye when I first saw the palette, and they are the prettiest ones when swatched. The mixture of textures and the range of colours make this palette very versatile. You can create a nice day look or a smokey look for the night.
The palette also comes with a big mirror and a dual sided brush.
This is what the brush is like. I didn't expect much since the ones that come with palettes aren't usually that great. This one is ok, but you definitely cannot create a whole look with it.
 I may or may not have dipped my finger into the second shade of the third row before I remembered to take photos for this review................
I think the shades are all very pretty and suit a wide range of skin tones. However there are a few shades that's a bit meh in pigmentation, mainly the lighter shades, which is pretty common. Like I mentioned before, the baked shadows are gorgeous and buttery. A couple of them are a bit powdery/chalky but they're all very easy to blend.
These shades are good by themselves but are better with primer. The swatches below are done with primer underneath. I'll include detail about the individual shades as well:
Two photos because auto focus was not cooperating :P
The order is from left to right:
Glimmer - Champagne shimmer that's average in pigmentation
Buffer - Matte flesh toned brown. Good for base and transition
Peachy - Shimmery soft peach shade. Lacks in pigmentation and needs to be built up
Hope - Satin taupe brown. Very buttery and good pigmentation
Fortune - Gorgeous brown shimmer shade. Shows up nicely and is very soft
Skylight  - Royal blue with obvious gold flakes. Pigmented. Baked finish
Transformer - Matte dark blue with green undertone. Super pigmented
Midnight Rainbow - Shimmery navy blue. Not very pigmented
The second row is more earth toned (with the exception of the silver)
Ice Cloud - Shimmery white. Good pigmentation. Ideal for inner corner highlight
Gold Coins - Baked copper shade that's way more metallic in real life
Cashmere - Rich brown that has a satin finish. Good for adding depth
Tip Top - Very yellow toned matte brown. Pigmentation is average
Yes Please - Deep bronze with a hint of green that is more obvious in real life. Butter and pigmented
Green Machine - Moss green shimmer. Nice and pigmented
Smoothie - Dark green matte shadow. Not very soft and average pigmentation
Caffeine Fix - Warm dark brown. Is a matte shade and good for outer corners
Latte - Matte camel colour. Excellent for crease colour
Pink Diamond - Intense icy pink shimmer. Feels a bit... gritty? but good pigmentation
Creme - Light beige matte. Poor pigmentation and a bit powdery. Will probably show up better on darker skin tones
Drama Queen - Dark plum matte shade. Soft and pigmented, one of my favourites
Lonely Planet - Another beautiful marble shadow. Dark purple with red and blue micro glitter. Feels a bit dry and is slightly difficult to make it opaque on the lid
Blacqua - A very rich, true black. Super pigmented and only needs a little for full effect. However it is powdery and you can experience fall out
I think this row is definitely very Autumn!
Soft - A beige with slight pinky tone. Very sheer and needs to be built up
New World - Gorgeous marble eye shadow that is a mixture of gold and light copper. Very pigmented. Great for lightening up the lid and inner corner
Favour - Rose gold with peach undertone. Pretty all over the lid
Sunset Hour - My favourite shade along with Super Gold: beautiful copper shimmer. Very soft and pigmentation is great
Super Gold -  Amazing shimmery bronze. Just as pigmented as Sunset Hour. A little goes a long way!
Winning - A matte royal purple. Good pigmentation but not as soft as other shades.
Brave - A darker version of Winning. Looks almost black and contains micro glitter
The Revolution - Deep matte plum with red and gold shimmers. Lacks in pigment just a little
Here is a lot I created with this palette(tutorial up soooon):
In conclusion, this palette contains some really good eye shadows and no one can argue with the price :p However some shades, such as Creme and Midnight Rainbow, are a bit disappointing. But the other gorgeous shades make up for that. On the whole a solid palette with beautiful colors for every occasion, and suitable for beginners and professionals. But I would say this palette is more suitable for the cooler seasons, especially the bronzes and purples. Overall, I give this palette 7.5/10
Thank you all for reading this long review! Feel free to tell me what you think about the palette in the comments ^_^

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