Klenspop Review: A033 Green

2:13:00 AM

Hey everyone! Today I'm reviewing the A033 Green lenses, which were sent to me by Klenspop. Klenspop is an online circle lense and makeup shop based in Korea. If you want to buy anything from them, feel free to use the code WDK6RW1D for 10% off ^^
Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own

Life Span: 6 months
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Graphic diamter: 13.2mm
Water content: 38%
The parcel took a week to arrive at my house. The content was carefully wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap.The packaging's cute as usual c:
The little box contained lenses, lens case and tweezers!
The design of the lenses is quite unique. There's a dark green ring around the outside then the inside looks like layers of leaves or flower petals (like a daisy) that's green and fades into yellow *_* However the colour looks very sheer and that reflects on how they appear on your eyes.
As expected, the colour isn't very obvious on my eyes. On my dark eyes, the original light green turns into a very dark green. They're not very opaque so the white part of my eyes show through, which causes an obvious lighter green ring.
As you can see, the effect is pretty minimal (even in good lighting), however the ring of lighter green can be seen easily ;-; I must admit, the yellow did a good job blending the green into the brown.
Comfort: 8/10 These lenses were very easy to put in, however I could only wear them for around 4 hours before my eyes started feeling tired..
Colour: 7/10 The green isn't very obvious so it gives a subtle change to your eye colour. I do wish it was more opaque though
Enlargement: 10/10 The diameter is just right. It's enlarging but doesn't make me look like an alien.
Overall: 8/10
Thank you for reading this review, I hoped you enjoyed it c: Also, a huge thank you to Klenspop for sponsoring me :)

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