Pinky Paradise review: Princess Pinky Cloudy Grey

10:19:00 PM

Hello! Today I will be reviewing a pair of lenses sent to me by Pinky Paradise. I chose the Princess Pinky Cloudy Grey because I am currently looking for a pair of light colour lenses that will show up on my dark brown eyes, and they looked pretty good ehehe. 
If you want to buy another from Pinky Paradise, you can use my code pyokki for a free mystery gift and macaroon case!
Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own

Basic information

Diameter: 14.5mm

Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year 
Base Curve: 8.6mm
The lenses were wrapped tightly in foam, free macaron lens case and fringe velcro came with the lenses.
This is what the lenses look like. There is a ring of grey dots on the outside with light grey dots on the inside. The light grey stops quite far away from the centre so a good amount of your natural eye colour will show.
 This is what they look like on my eyes. I am very much in love with the effect these lenses give! They appear more blue than grey and the colour reminds me of the eyes of ragdoll cats. The grey is not opaque enough to completely cover the white of my eyes, but I think it adds some nice dimension, as the grey on my brown eyes look more blue and the grey looks... grey on the whites of my eye.
As you can see, the colour is very obvious even from far away. With makeup, the lenses don't give me a bug eyed look, but without makeup I can look a bit weird as they are too big for my eyes in my opinion.
Makeup tutorial is here~

Comfort: 7/10 Every time I put in the left lens, I always have trouble and it takes a while for it to settle in. I can wear these for around 5 hours.
Colour: 10/10 The colour is beautiful and manages too look natural on me.
Enlargement: 10/10 These are good for enlarging your eyes, probably the largest I'd go!
Overall: 8/10

Thank you for reading my review up to this point and I hope you enjoyed it! Have a good day C:

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