Disappointing Products - October 2016

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Hello! This is another post about products I found disappointing, whether they did not live up to my expectations or just sucked. Please keep in mind that this post is purely based on my personal opinions. Products work differently on everyone, so please don't be offended if you love the products in this post! This is not an exactly positive post, so if you're not into that, this is probably not the post for you :p

1. Etude House Balm + Colour Tint #1 Best Friend Forever

The concept of this is that it's a lip product that helps you to create a gradient lip faster and more easily. It's a tinted balm on one side and lip tint in a crayon form on the other. I found it difficult to apply as I have fuller lips. It's pointy at the end so for my bottom lips I have to carefully apply the tint on the inside then balm, instead of just using 1 swipe. I also find that the balm is waxy feeling and does not feel nice on my lips at all. The lip tint clings onto dry skin and it looks very obvious ;-; The tint doesn't blend into the balm that well so I have to blend it in with my fingers anyway, so personally I don't find it any easier to create a gradient with this product. The lasting power is also very average.

2. Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter in #2 Gold & Beige mix
This highlighter looks pretty in the pan and on the finger swatch right? Unfortunately when applied, it hardly shows up. While I get that Koreans are more subtle with their highlights and contouring, this one is very hard to get any colour pay off. I suppose they are aiming for a natural glow but I just find it annoying to have to apply so much to see a difference. It is also a bit chalky (you can sort of tell from looking at the pan) and when applied, I could see obvious bits of glitter, and it looked like I just had random glitter on my face. The lasting power isn't that great either.

3. Tony Moly Kiss Love Lip Master #5 Everyday Beige
This lip gloss/tint is actually okay, I'm not hugely disappointed in it pahaha. I think it's a nice colour BUT I dislike the smell a lot ;-; it smells kind of well.. chemically. I've read reviews where people said it smells fruity but to me it smells like chemicals. I wish this was smudge/food proof ><

4. Secret Key High Lasting Sun Cream
I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. Almost every time I use this, the sunscreen doesn't come out in a blob of thick cream, instead a lot of oil? came out and then the sunscreen came out... I tried to mix the cream with the extra oil and apply it and I looked like a freaking oil puddle. Without the extra oil, the sunscreen still look oily on me. The cream is SUPER thick and takes a lot of effort to blend it into my skin, so I end up looking pink and oily, I'm sure that isn't good for acne either. It is advertised that it doesn't leave a white cast (you can see that in the photo) but it makes my skin tone at least 2 shades lighter >_> And I swear to God it clings onto any dry skin as well. I never use this on my face/neck anymore, I only use it on my arms because I don't want to waste any product.

5. The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Whitening Mist
This sun spray honestly disappointed me so much. The name contains the word 'whitening', however it does not whiten/brighten my face in any way at all. The spray made my face feel sticky and look shiny for ages. I personally did not enjoy the smell as it reminded me of chemicals. I don't know if it had any protection against the sun because it felt kind of like it didn't really do much.

That's the end of of this post. Thank you all for reading ^_^ If you have any products that disappointed you, feel free to tell me in a comment below! If you're interested in reading my previous post about disappointing products, you can check it out here.

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