Romwe Review (August 6th, 2016)

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Hello :) Today I will be reviewing: striped shirt, floral dress and blue dress. Which were sent to me by an online clothing site, Romwe.
Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own.
The package arrived at my house after 1 week of being sent out. The clothes were individually wrapped in separate plastic bags and nothing was damaged.

This is a very classic striped top. The black stripes are not very close and gives a clean and fresh look. The quality of this top is great and there were no loose threads.
rip my hair's so drrrry...
While I like how the sleeves are half sleeves, they can make you look fatter than you actually are depending on the angle. I like pairing these with a pair of dark coloured pants or a burgundy skirt c:
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  • Shoulder(cm): 43cm
  • Size Available: one-size
  • Length(cm): 61cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm): 31cm
  • Bust(cm): 102cm
  • Overall: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ / 5   
Aaah sorry about the blurry photo on the right ><
This dress looks so cute and summery! The little buttons on chest adds a vintage vibe. However the material is very thin and light, so don't wear any dark undergarments!
I personally find the neckline a little too low, so I would probably wear a white t-shirt under it :s The dress doesn't have that much shape despite the slightly stretchy waist line.
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  • Bust(cm): 60-80cm
  • Waist Size(cm): 66-86cm
  • Length(cm): 86cm
  • Overall: ❤ ❤ ❤ / 5   
This dress has a gorgeous print which I fell in love with. It looks tie dyed and has a bohemian feel to it. 
The material of this dress is very soft and is fairly warm. It feels like on the website photos, there are a lot more dark flowers and the pattern is a lot smaller, but whatever the design still looks good ^^ 
More information
  • Bust(cm): XS:82cm, S:86cm, M:90cm, L:94cm
  • Length(cm): XS:85cm, S:86cm, M:87cm, L:88cm
  • Size Available: XS,S,M,L
  • Overall: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ / 5   

    • Shipping: 10/10
    • Customer service: 10/10
      Overall: 10/10
  • That's it for this review, thank you for reading! Have a good day ^^

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