Review: Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

1:17:00 AM

Hey everyone!
Today I’m reviewing the Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette. It contains 12 eye shadows consisting of a row of metallic colours/neutrals and a row of purple/plums. There are 8 shimmer shades, 3 matte shades with big pieces of glitter and 1 plain matte shade. This palette is perfect for Autumn/Winter time and any purple lover.
The box design is the typical design of most Sleek i-Divine palettes. I wish they all had special designs like they do for limited edition palettes though >< There are tips for applying the eye shadows on the back of the box.
The packaging of the palette itself is very simple. It is matte with glossy 'Sleek' written on the lid. The name of the palette is written on the back. The size of the palette might be smaller than what some expected, it's not that big and fits perfectly into my hand. 
All the names of the shades are very cute and based on cities that are considered 'romantic'.
First row:
Pretty in Paris – beautiful silver with shimmer finish, a very pretty highlight for the inner corner and for the inner part of the lid. Is smooth and pigmented when applied on the eyes, but a bit meh when swatched.
Meet in Madrid –  a pale gold. Feels buttery and gives a nice shimmer when applied to the eyes. Takes a couple of layers to give an opaque finish. Good for centre of lid and highlight for the inner corner. 
Court in Cannes – a golden copper. Soft and super smooth! Probably the softest of them all. Blends out well and excellent colour pay off.  
Lust in LA – a mixture of bronze and olive green metallic shadow. Easy to blend but had a bit of fallout.
Romance in Rome – a soft grey-blue shade. Has more of a satin finish and is probably the least pigmented shadow from this palette, so it can benefit from an eye primer. 
Propose in Prague – the only completely matte shade in the palette and is a nice mixture of brick red and brown. Less smooth than the previous colours but has decent pigmentation. Good for the crease.
Second row:
A Vow in Venice – a deep plum shimmer with dark base. It can look almost brown in certain lighting. Very smooth and has decent pigmentation, can benefit from a primer. 
Marry in Monte Carlo – similar A Vow in Venice but more pink and lighter. Very smooth and soft: similar to the metallics in the first row.
Honeymoon in Hollywood – a matte burgundy with silver glitter, which don't really show up on your eyelids. Looks darker than it really is. However it can look a darker and more purple-y in different lighting. A bit powdery but is pigmented. 
Bliss in Barcelona – purple-blue satin shade with a texture similar to that of Romance in Rome. And like that shade, it is not that pigmented and need a few layers to make it more opaque.
Forever in Florence – a matte deep purple burgundy shade with silver sparkles in it, though the glitter isn't that obvious when applied. This one along with the last shade are the most powdery shades in this palette.
Love In London – matte black tinged with green and contains silver glitters that don't really show up when applied (again). It is very pigmented so use a little at a time so you don't over do it. It's great for darkening the outer corner of the lid. It's powdery so make sure you tap your brush before applying.

Overall I would definitely recommend this palette if you're a fan of nice metallic shadows or a range of purple shades. You can create a variety of looks, including a nice bronze/gold look, blues and purples and of course, a burgundy look. The colourful shadows are also add a nice pop of colour to a neutral look. However the lack of matte shades means this palette isn't that great for people who loves matte shadows.

I give this palette 9/10. I hope you have found this review helpful and have a lovely day!

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