Review: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon in BE108, BE110

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Hello! Today I will be reviewing 2 lipsticks from Etude House's new line of lipstick: BE108 Hug Chiffon Beige and BE110 Waiting Chiffon Beige from the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon line. There are 12 shades in this range. There is also another line with matte lipsticks called Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Matte.

About this product
  • The lipstick makes the lips look attractive with vivid color and sensuous texture
  • Chiffon texture makes thin and light lips
  • Chiffon texture lasts for a long time
  • Chiffon texture fills the wrinkles of lips
Colour options
  1. OR210
  2. OR211
  3. PK026
  4. PK027
  5. PK028
  6. PK029
  7. RD313
  8. RD314
  9. RD315
  10. BE108
  11. BE109
  12. BE110
I chose BE108 because it looked like a very nice peachy nude. And BE110 because it is a very rare colour to see in Korean lipsticks, as it looked more dusty red/pink instead of bright and pink. It looked more like an American colour instead of Korean if you get what I mean?
This is what the packaging looks like! It looks more mature and the side reminds me of a typical drugstore lipstick packaging, instead of Etude House's usual princess style.
There is an English ingredients list at the back. The seal of the packaging has the shade colour on it.
The packaging is light pink with tiny glitters. At the ends of each lipstick, there's like a mini mirror like thing. I think that's very unique and matches the other parts of the lipstick, however it gets dirty very easily. There is that scallop hem pattern on the outside again, which I find a bit annoying because you have to make sure the lid and body match before you close it.
This is what BE108 looks like, the bullet looks darker than what it's really like. It looks like a dusty nude with orange undertone, but is actually a very bright, almost neon, orange.
This colour is very unforgiving. It clings to your lip lines and dry patches and accentuates any dry patches. However the lipstick itself felt buttery on my lips. It took many layers to achieve an opaque finish.
This is what BE110 looks like. It is a lot redder than I thought... There is also very fine glitter things in the lipstick :I Good thing is that the glitter doesn't show up when swatched
It is a dark red that has a gloomy feel to it, which is pretty rare for Etude House. The colour and the fact that it has shimmers in it reminds me of those really old (like from 2007) lipsticks, which was not what I was expecting at all. The colour is completely off compared to the official swatch. The official swatch makes it look like a beige mauve that has been very popular lately, however it is actually a dark red. Even though the colour was not something I hoped for, I still like it. The formula is a bit better than BE108. It takes less to make it reach full opacity, however can look patchy. For some reason I found it hard to do the edges smoothly with this shade.
This is how they swatch on my arm. I wiped them off with a wet wipe and it left a slight stain on my arm.
I can't really 'feel' the lipstick while wearing it, it really does feel light :p When I rub my lips together they feel quite smooth and buttery pahaha, it did feel like BE110 was more creamy than BE108. However that does not mean they look good cough BE108. They are not really moisturizing, but not drying either. 
The smell is something I really dislike. Other people said it's fruity but to me it smells like those artificially flavoured orange vitamin pills. It smells bad in my opinion and the fact that I can still smell it after I apply it makes me want to cry LOL. But the smell disappears after around 5-10 minutes.

The lasting power is average. It does transfer and smudge a little when I drink. After eating a meal, most of it is gone, but left a slight stain on my lips.

  • Elegant packaging
  • Good pigmentation
  • Leaves a slight stain
  • Feels light on your lips
  • Not drying
  • Formulation varies
  • Can cling on to dry patches and emphasize lip lines
  • Smells bleh
  • Official swatches are off
I gives these lipsticks a 3/5. There are pros and cons and I think the quality varies between shades. If you're thinking of buying them, I recommend buy one and try it first before buying more. Would also recommend looking up swatches online instead of relying on Etude House's swatches.

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