Autumn Leaves Inspired Eye Makeup

10:34:00 PM

Hello! Today I will be sharing with you a tutorial for eye makeup that was inspired by the colour of Autumn leaves. It features burgundy, orange and gold! In case any of yous are wondering, the lenses I used: O-lens Shining Gold. I have a review on them, which you can read here.
Like always, I am starting off with a primed eyelid. I have also applied concealer on top to cover up the darkness on my eyelids. I used the primer by Etude House and their Big Cover Concealer Stick.
For my transition colour, I used a matte camel colour that is a bit darker than my skin tone. I used The Mail from Sleek's Oh So Special palette.
On top of that camel shade (mainly focusing on the crease), I dusted a slightly shimmery pink. I used Feel Euphoric from Sleek's Del Mar palette. 
From the same Sleek palette, I used On The Rocks, which is a a pearly darker pink/coral, on my lids. I made sure the edges are blended well.
To deepen the colour, I used one of Etude House's single eye shadows in RD302. I applied a thin layer over where I used the lighter pink. I also made sure I blended this colour well.
For the orange part, I used the 8th colour from Missha's Wonder Woman palette. It's a very pretty coppery orange, and it's super shimmery. I applied it a bit above the crease as well, and blended it into the burgundy.
To add some extra sparkle, I applied a little bit of a gold eye shadow at the very centre. I used The Saem's Eco Soul Shine Jelly Shadow in 24k Gold.
On the lower lash line, I used the same burgundy eye shadow from Etude House on half of my lash line, and a pale gold eye shadow stick from Etude House on the other half and inner corner(lol why do I use so much EH). I blended the two colours together to avoid a harsh line.
I used a black eyeliner and drew a slightly dramatic cat eye (well, more dramatic than I usually have it), with it thicker at the end. I curled my eyelashes and applied a generous layer of mascara. I stabbed myself while doing that rip. I also used a thin liquid eyeliner to draw a few 'eyelashes' on the bottom lash line.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I have something a bit more dark planned, so please look forward to that! Have a good day ^^

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