Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Pure My Lips #3 Juicy Peach

5:24:00 PM

Hello! Today I will be reviewing The Face Shop's Lovely Me:EX Pure My Lips lip gloss in #3 Juicy Peach! It was sent to be by Q-depot, which is an online Korean cosmetics shop. They also have a cruelty free section, which I think is pretty cool! Feel free to check out all the makeup they have here~
Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own

Colours available:
  1. Pure Red
  2. Celeb Pink 
  3. Juicy Peach
  4. Lucid Purple
  5. Chic Brown
Features of this product:
  1. A pure color lip gloss that adheres to your lips with sheer and light texture                     
  2. Pure and innocent lips with crystal-clear colours (no pearls)
  3. Contains essence that provides moisture and nourishment to lips
  4. Sheer and light texture that softly adheres to lips
  5. Staying polymer that gives soft and smooth application with long lasting colour
The packaging of this lip gloss is very simple, and to be honest I think it is a bit cheap. The body is see through and you can see how much product is left. The size is also quite small so is travel friendly.
This is what the back is like! I can't understand any of it, but put it here just in case you guys are interested :)
There is a stopper which will prevent any excess product on the applicator
The applicator is a very normal doe foot applicator. It's sliiightly curved at the end. There is no 'point' at the end so it's not that great for the corner of your lips.
As you can see, the orange is a very... milky looking orange instead of a bright neon orange, which I prefer since I don't think I suit neon colours ahaha. In the top photo, it is applied normally and blended with my finger. In the second photo I wiped the lip gloss with a baby wipe. As you can see, it barely stained and left a slight gloss behind.
Now let's see what it looks like on my lips!
This is what my natural lip colour is, it was taken on one of my paler lips days and my lips are actually very pigmented D:
This is what the gloss looks like applied all over. I have deep lip lines so I'm not surprised that the lip gloss sunk into them T^T It looks very pretty and spring like, a true peach colour!
This is what it looks like with flash. It's not super shiny and doesn't look like I rubbed oil on to my lips lmao.
This is my favourite way to wear this lip gloss! I put a layer of Heimish Dailism Waterdrop Lip Tint in Mild Day on my lips, with a thicker layer on the inner part of my lips. Sort of like a very intense gradient lip. After I leave it on for around 5-10mins, I wipe the excess off and put some of the lip gloss on the middle of my lips. I think it looks lovely like that hehe.

This lip gloss gives a very natural shine to your lips and this colour is very suitable for the warmer seasons. However since it is a gloss, it doesn't do things like stain and is obviously not transfer proof. It is moisturising at first but leaves my lips feeling a bit dry after a few hours. The lasting power is pretty good for a lip gloss, I have to touch up every few hours if I don't eat. It is also not over sticky and my hair hardly ever get stuck on my lips :D

  • Travel friendly
  • Natural looking shine
  • Smells like sweets
  • Hydrating
  • Not as sticky as other lip glosses
  • Pairs nicely with other lip products
  • Transfers
  • Gloss and moisture disappears after eating/a while
  • Not very pigmented (but can depend on colour)
Overall, I am very impressed with this lip gloss. If you are having trouble looking for a decent lip gloss for a good price, I recommend this one! I give this lip gloss 4/5!

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