Review: Heimish Dailism Waterdrop Lip Tint in Mild Day

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Hello! Today I will be reviewing Heimish's Dailism Waterdrop Lip Tint in Mild Day. I haven't heard of the brand Heimish before and haven't really seen any reviews on them, so I thought I would do one on their Waterdrop Lip Tint, in case anyone is looking for reviews c:

About this product:
  • Water fitting coat textures of soft water.
  • Such as lipstick color
  • Volume control is easy and convenient 
  • Applying double volume tips
Tbh I have no idea what the last bit means...

Colour options
  1. #WTPK01 Sultry Day
  2. #WTPK02 Clear Day
  3. #WTPK03 Crisp Day
  4. #WTPK04 Cool Day
  5. #WTRD01 Genial Day
  6. #WTCR01 Mild Day
This lip tint is the only coral in the line. It contains 4g of product.
The outer packaging of the lip tint is very simple, consisting of pink and orange. The shade of the lip tint is on top of the box~
I can't read Korean, but I thought I would include the sides in case any of you guys can read Korean c:
The bottle of this lip tint is so preeeetty! The lid is rose gold and the body is a nice baby pink. There is a clear strip in the middle and you can see the colour of the tint through it.
As you can see, there is a stopper in order to stop too much product from being on the applicator when you use it~
This is what the applicator looks like! It is very... normal doe foot applicator, that is slightly curved in the middle haha. I have noticed how the tint coloured the applicator LOL. It's a bright pink whereas the lip tint is coral, which confused me a bit at first.
The texture of this lip tint when applied.. Felt slightly jelly like. As you can see in the first photo, it is glossy even when blended out. It left a slight tint on my arm after I rubbed the lip tint off.
When applied on my lips, it was a very nice peachy colour. If you apply only a little bit, it looks fairly natural, but if you apply... A normal amount, it will look very bright and almost neon like, which was not what I expected from the colour swatch on the website. It's very glossy and makes your lips look plump(that sounds so weird hahahaha). The lip tint does transfer and the gloss fades after eating. It feels moisturising at first, but that disappears after a couple of hours

The scent of this lip tint is very very strong. It has a... Grapefruit? kind of scent and I was still able to smell it after I apply it, it also felt like I was able to taste the smell :I So if you're sensitive to scents/dislike strongly scented products, I do not recommend this lip tint.

  • Good colour pigmentation
  • Pretty packaging
  • Makes your lips look healthy
  • Moisturising
  • Glossy
  • Smells nice
  • Transfers
  • Gloss and moisture disappears after eating/a while
  • Smell is very strong
  • Sticky
Overall I give this lip tint a 3/5. If you don't mind the smell and are into nice bright colours, you should definitely give this one a go ^^

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