Review: BBIA Last Lipstick in #4 Intelligent and #7 Dreamlike

11:26:00 PM

Hello! Today I will be reviewing 2 of the BBIA Last Lipsticks, which are in the shade #4 Intelligent and #7 Dreamlike. I haven't seen a lot of reviews on these lipsticks so I wanted to do one in case any of yous want to try them out c:

The lipstick comes in 10 different colours:
Red packaging
#01 Provocative
#02 Positive
#03 Fascinating
#04 Intelligent
#05 Strong

Green packaging
#06 Imotional
#07 Dreamlike
#08 Active
#09 Captivating
#10 Unrivaled

Features of this product according to Beautynetkorea:
1. Making beautiful lips by lightly skick to your lips right after applying.
2. Perfect coloring with the first touch.
3. Hard to be smeared off with a light touch, maintaining the original color.
4. Perfect finish with Less Color Fading, less bring up wrinkles and dead skin cells.
5. Providing only what your lips need, gloss and moisture.

The volume of this lipstick is 3.2g

The lipsticks were packaged in matte red and green cardboard boxes. The colour really reminds me of Christmas hahaha. As you can see, there is a sticker on the box that tells you what shade the lipstick 
Urghhh the packaging of these lipsticks are so nice! Like the box, they are matte~ They look so sleek and professional. The lids are not magnetic, but they do shut with a 'click' so you know it's closed properly and that the lid won't somehow fall off
It is also really easy to store due to its shape. It fits perfectly with the rest of my square rectangular ish shaped 
This is the shade #4 Intelligent. It is a very natural, dusty rose shade. It is a bit darker than my natural lip colour, so it is the perfect everyday shade (for me anyway) and is considered by many to be MLBB colour. It is suitable for someone who is new to makeup and doesn't want anything too bold, or for anyone who likes more natural looking makeup c:
#7 Dreamlike is a very pretty pink coral colour. It's suitable for spring and summery makeup. It is bright yet not too bold. However I do think it's more for people with lighter skin ><
Dreamlike is on the top and Intelligent is on the bottom. They left a slight stain when wiped, with Dreamlike's stain more obvious.

Now, on to the formula: It is creamy, matte, velvety and unsurprisingly, not very moisturising, but that doesn't mean it was uncomfortable to wear. They both felt light on my lips! It feels like Dreamlike is a bit creamier than Intelligent. It says that this lipstick provides your lips with gloss and moisture, but it's a velvet/matte formula so I'm not quite sure how that works hahaha. 

The lasting power is ok, most of it fades after eating. It transfers a little bit but a lot better than other lipsticks I own. I found that this lipstick sunk into my lip lines after a few hours and slightly accentuated any dry patches, so you might want to exfoliate and moisturise your lips before you apply this lipstick. There is also a nice artifical rose scent that I could taste even after applying, so if you're not a fan of strong scents, these are not for you.

  • Smells good
  • Amazing packaging
  • Comes in a nice range of colours
  • Lightweight, creamy formula
  • Long lasting as long as you don't eat
  • Pigmented
  • Sinks into lip lines and accentuates dry patches
  • Not moisturising
  • Strong smell
  • Transfers
  • Packaging can be a bit bulky for some people
Overall, I give these lipsticks a 3.5/5! These lipsticks are good for people who are new to makeup and just want to try things out before they really invest in makeup

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