Review: SkinFood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint in #1 Cherry Tomato

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Hellooo! Today I will be reviewing a well known lip tint: Skinfood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint! I bought this in #1 Cherry Tomato. Youtuber Meejmuse has this in the same shade so I decided to get the same one after watching her videos hehe c:

This lip tint comes in 3 colours:
#1 - Cherry Tomato
#2 - Berry Tomato
#3 - Orange Tomato

Features of this product according to Beautynetkorea:
This cool, refreshing lip tint gel creates natural cooking, vibrant lips with a soft color tone, while tomato extract and rosewater moisturize lips

The packaging is very simple: see through red tube with a red lid. It came wrapped in a layer of plastic, so it didn't have a box :p

There is a little hoop thing at the end of the tube, which will stop any excess lip tint from coming out. The applicator is very cushy and shaped sort of like a spear, so I can use the tip to get to the hard to reach places

Don't be fooled by the colour of the tube! The actual colour of the tint is actually a deep pink. When blended with my finger, the colour goes onto my finger instead of my arm/lips ;A; The scent is slightly floral, but you can't really smell it once applied

When applied to the lips, it has a wet and cool feeling, which is what I expect from a jelly tint. When first applied, it felt moisturising, however after a couple of hours, it starts to feel a bit dry and emphasised my lip lines a little D: 

I found it a bit difficult to apply it evenly as it clings to dry areas and doesn't really... stay on some parts of my top lip :I It is also a bit sticky

The staying power is pretty good. Even after the original gloss disappears, there is a tint left on your lips. However, after I eat something oily, most of the tint is gone. So as long as you don't eat anything too oily, the tint should last for around 4-5 hours

The more you apply, the more intense the colour. If you apply a thin layer and pop your lips, it will look very natural! While wearing this lip tint... I realised that it tastes reaaaaally bitter. So try avoid licking your lips when you have this product on ><

  • You get a good amount of product for a low price
  • Can look natural, but can also be built up
  • Tints your lips
  • Nice floral scent
  • Travel friendly (since it's thin and not that long)
  • Good applicator
  • Really bitter :c
  • Moisture + gloss disappears after a while
  • Can be patchy
  • Emphasises lip lines
  • Bit sticky

I don't think this lip tint is super amazing and I give it 6/10! I don't think I will repurchase this unless I can't find any better lip tints

Thank you for reading this review and I hope it has been informative! If you have any lip product recommendations, please do tell me! I'm always looking for new lip products :D

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