Raspberry Makeup Tutorial

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Hello! Today I will be sharing a full face makeup look that reminds me of raspberries c: Just to warn you beforehand, I do show my bare face in this post, so don't get scared hehe. Also, I apologise in advance for any changes in the lighting ><

The lenses in this tutorial: GBT 2Ton Grey, review here
1. First I applied a semi matte foundation, as well as concealing dark circles with a peachy concealer and go over that and blemishes with a concealer that's the same shade as my skin tone. I blended the concealer around my eyes with my fingers, foundation + other concealer areas with a sponge
2. I filled in my eyebrows with a grey brown eyebrow pencil. Even though the outside looks grey, it's actually a grey brown :p I made my eyebrows straight with a slight arch? curve? near the end. I'm too lazy to hardcore fill in my brows tbh
3. Yay my favourite part! The eyes! Like always, I start off my applying a good eye primer
4. I applied a shimmery light shadow as a base and applied it a bit past my crease
5. Here I am applying a satin-y medium pink on the outer part of my eye instead of just on the outer V, as I am using it as a transition shade for the hotter pink later on. I also applied it on the outer 1/4 of my lower lash line
6. I used a darker pink on the outer corner. I decided to blend it more to the outside instead of towards the inside because I wanted to elongate my eyes
7. I used the same pink shade I used as a base on the rest of my lower lash line, making sure to blend it into the pink. I think this is a very girly look, so if you want, you can just apply whatever eyeliner you like (black, brown whatever) but I'm going to go one step further by using a burgundy eyeliner!
8. I used a burgundy eyeliner and drew a short line on the inner corner, as it will make the whole look look even more... red/pink. I then drew another line on the outer corner so I can connect it with my actual eyeliner later on
9. For the eyeliner (on the top) I kept it simple by extending it a bit and adding a subtle flick, I then joined that to the bottom liner
10. I finished off the liner by drawing a thin line just above my lashes and blending it out just a bit
11. I applied a little bit of mascara..... (because my mascara dried out..)
12. I decided to do a more natural gradient lips with this look. For the first layer I dabbed on a dusty rose shade with my finger
13. To do the gradient, I placed a darker pink on the middle on my lips and blended it into the dusty rose shade, making sure I don't cover all of my lips with that shade
14. Add a tiny bit of dusty pink to your cheek for blush and you're dooone!

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and seeing my awkward makeup face didn't scar you for life hahaha. I'll be posting my Romwe review soon, so please stay tuned for that!
Have a nice day~

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