Blue and silver eyemakeup tutorial

9:45:00 PM

Hello! Today I will be doing a tutorial on the eye look above. It was inspired by the lenses I was wearing (review here). The eyeshadows are from Chi Chi's Sultry palette.

1. As always, I start by priming my eyes so that the eyeshadows will be more pigmented and last longer

2. Use a dusty violet shade all over the lids, concentrating it on the outer V area and blend it out. This will act as a transition colour for the darker blue (which I will add later)

3. Add a dark grey blue colour to the outer half of your eyes, blend it into the violet shade. Also add a bit to the inner corner

4. I dabbed a little bit of a brighter/lighter blue on the outer and inner corner

5. Yaaay the fun part! I added a pigmented silver eyeshadow to the middle part my eyelids, going a tiny bit over the crease of my eye

6. To soften the edge between the silver and dark blue, I used the shade I used in step 3 to blend the edges

7. I used the shade I used in step 4 on the outer third of my bottom lash line

8. I decided to do a dramatic eyeliner. I followed the natural shape of my eyes and winged it out. I also added a little to the inner corner of my eye~

9. For the last step, I curled and applied mascara ^^

And that's the end of this tutorial! I hope you enjoyed it and inspired you c: 

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  1. I'm in love with this make up! Thank you for sharing it with us ♥