Sparkly Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Hi everyone! Ah it's tough to get the motivation to blog during this time of year because there are 100 things to do but all I want to do is sleep HAHAHA. But I promised myself that I would post an eye makeup tutorial before Christmas... Sooo here is a sparkly eyeamakeup tutorial! I think it's perfect for things such as parties c: Sorry about the inconsistent lighting, the sun was pretty much gone when I took the last few photos, so I had to turn on my light D: In some photos the eyeshadow above the crease looks a bit yellow/golden (eg the photo above lol) but it's actually more warm and orange!

1. As always, start off with a primed eye. This is especially important for eye makeup that involves a lot of glitter, as it will minimise fallout (yay for non disco ball like face) and make the glitter extra intense

2. I used a warm camel pinkish colour all over my lids and stopped a bit above my crease as a base colour

3. In order to create more depth, I used a dark brown purple ish colour on the outer V area and the inner corner, then I lightly dust the colour over the lower half of my lid

4. I used a warm bronze on the centre of my lids. I then used a warm caramel shade (which is a few shades darker than my base colour) to blend the bronze into the rest of the eye shadow 

5. This is my favourite bit hehe. I used a pale gold glitter shadow on the very centre of my lid. This really brightens up the look and make it look a lot more... sparkly

6. I used a sparkly brown eyeliner to tightline and used it on my lower lash line as well. I smudged it a little on the lower lash line because I didn't want it to look too harsh

7. That change in lighting though hahaha I used a black eyeliner and lined my eye with a thick (well, thicker than what I usually do) line with a flick at the end

8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara and you're done! Of course, you can use false lashes to make your eyes look extra big :D

That's it! I hope you liked this tutorial c: I hope you guys will all have a fabulous Christmas! Hope you will get a lot of presents and eat heaps of yummy food! 

Note - The lenses I was wearing: Bunny 3 Colour Grey! You can read a review on it here

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  1. I loved this make up tutorial. It's very simple and cute!