Romwe Review (November 13th 2015)

4:48:00 PM

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing 3 items sent to me by Romwe: Vintage Floral Print KimonoSpaghetti Strap Flower Print Dress and Plaid Suspender Skirt. I would like to apologise in advance for the short review, I'm actually on exam leave right now so I don't have a lot of spare time >.<

Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own

The package was sent out on October 28th and arrived on my doorstep on November 3rd. The shipping took around a week so I am very impressed! Romwe's shipping gets faster and faster every time hehe

All the clothes were carefully wrapped in plastic bags and nothing was damaged c:

Ok in this post I'm going to call this a kimono because that's what it's named on the site... Even though it's not an actual kimono... So please don't get offended ><

I am seriously in love with the design. There is this detailed floral pattern on the outside, and it's just plain navy blue on the inside. The material is light and flowy, making it perfect for the summer :D The tassels give this kimono a vintage bohemian feel~ 

Look at the amazing detail! I couldn't find any loose threads either, which is always good hehe

Ummm I just took photos of the skirt and I was too lazy to get changed, please forgive the weird outfit..........
It's so comfortable! Ahh I think I'm in love~ It's great for covering up on those hot summer days, or whenever you want to just lounge around the house hehehe

Overall:      / 5

More information
  • Shoulder(cm) :S:63cm,M:64cm,L:65cm
  • Size Available :S,M,L
  • Length(cm) :S:64cm,M:66cm,L:68cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :S:17cm,M:18cm,L:19cm
  • Bust(cm) :S:128cm,M:132cm,L:136cm

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on the site. It looked like the perfect dress for spring. The soft colours of the floral pattern made the dress look so feminine and cute c: The front looks the same as the back so I had some trouble when I put it on ahaha

Hmm this dress actually disappointed me a lot :/ It's really short: it ends juuuust below my butt D: Perhaps it would look better on smaller girls. The fabric isn't as soft as I imagined it to be, in fact it's a bit stiff, especially the skirt part. I'll probably give this to my friend :c

Overall:    / 5

More information

  • Sleeve Length(cm) :15cm
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Bust(cm) :92cm
  • Waist Size(cm) :60-90cm
  • Length(cm) :86cm

Look at how cute this skirt is! This is my first suspender skirt so I was quite excited :D The material is very sturdy and isn't too light, so the skirt won't fly up easily. The material isn't too thin or thick, so I will be able to wear it all year round

Look at how cute the zipper is! The quality of the zipper is pretty good as well, it's very easy to zip and unzip. I still need to figure out how suspenders work ahh but I seriously love this skirt. The waist scrunches up and it looks awfully cute in my opinion! I'm pretty sure you can take the suspenders off and wear it as a normal skirt as well~

The suspender bit is a bit... long? so it falls off easily haha, but I'm sure I can figure out how they work :p I really do love the plaid pattern... I'll probably end up getting another one.... oops hehe

Edit: Ok an anon on Tumblr told me that the zipper is supposed to be at the front.... Let's pretend that it's supposed to be at the back ok shhh

Overall:      / 5

More information
  • Waist Size(cm) :66-94cm
  • Length(cm) :39cm
  • Pattern Type :Plaid
  • Color :Black
  • Size Available :one-size

  • Shipping: 10/10
  • Customer service: 10/10
    Overall: 10/10

Thank you for reading this review! Also thank you to Romwe for sponsoring me. If you have exams coming up as well, I wish you good luck and please do your best!!!

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