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Ahh I decided to stop procrastinating (finally) and take photos for the review hahaha. I've heard a lot about Aritaum Mono Eyes so I decided to try out 4 of them. I chose #082 Everyday, #093 Social Light, #096 Take Me Out and #109 Beauty Editor. There are more than 100 shades so it was incredibly hard for me to choose only 4! 

The eyeshadows come in 6 types, so you can choose the ones you like the best. The types are:
  1. Baked Texture
  2. Wet Process Texture
  3. Cream Texture
  4. Pressed Glitter Pearl Texture
  5. Pressed Satin Pearl Texture
  6. Pressed Non-Pearl Texture
The eyeshadows are very small, so it's rather easy to store them. The eyeshadows are encased by a plastic cover, which doesn't provide a lot of weight and therefore they don't feel very sturdy, so I would handle them carefully and they're not exactly travel friendly :/
#93 Social Light is a beautiful orange, shimmering eyeshadow. Even though this shadow contains glitter, the glitter is super fine and you can't feel any glitter 'chunks'. It's sooo smooth and there is hardly any fall out. It looks nice even without a base, which is great because I'm way too lazy to apply a base colour half the time haha. This is definitely not a natural colour and is good for dramatic, glamorous makeup!
#109 Beauty Editor is definitely my favourite! It is a pink eyeshadow with tiny gold glitters in it that gives it a slightly iridescent effect, which unfortunately I couldn't really capture on camera :c I would recommend using a base colour with this and dab this over the centre of the lids :D It is sooo easy to apply and the texture is as soft as butter
#96 Take Me Out is another pressed satin pearl type eyeshadow! It's a very warm chocolate brown. For some reason it swatches a lot warmer than it looks in the pot. On my eyes it almost looks like a dark orange in certain lighting. It's a great colour for darkening the outer v for more natural looks and all over the lids for more smokey looks
#82 Everyday was not what I had expected! In the official swatches it looked like a nude that is slightly pink, but when it turned out to be a taupe ish pink shade O.O But it is very pretty and can be put all over your lids for an effortless everyday (hah) look. However I found that this wasn't as opaque as the others and was just a bit chalky when applied

Here is how they swatched on my arm and eyes:
Take Me Out is on the left, Social Light is on the right. It's so hard to tell the difference in this photo D:
Everyday is on the left and Beauty Editor is on the right. 

While these shadows are pigmented (perhaps except for Everyday), I would still recommend using a primer. When used without a primer, it lasts for around 8 hours, which is actually pretty good considering the fact that my lids are pretty oily c: Pigments are easy to pick up with brush and fingers, though I prefer using my fingers with the shimmery ones

  • Comes in a huuuge range of colours/textures
  • Easy to apply
  • Small and easy to store
  • Good colour pay-off
  • Great lasting power
  • No fall out
  • Affordable
  • Matte shadows can be a bit chalky
  • Packaging is a bit cheap
I highly recommend Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadow! I give them a 4.5/10
I hope you found this review helpful. Until next time, bye!

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