Romwe Review (October 24th 2015)

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Hello! I apologize for not posting for 4 weeks... My camera broke and I had to get a new one, so that took a while :/ But I am back now and in this post I will be reviewing 6 pieces of clothing sponsored by Romwe!
I will be reviewing: Beige Cardigan, High-Waisted Wine Red Skirt, Pink Jacket, Knitted Wine Red Skirt, Striped Lace Up Top and Black Bow Skirt. Romwe is a China based online store which offers a wide range of clothing at relatively cheap prices, they also offer free shipping on orders over $50!

Note: Even though the items in this review were sponsored, all opinions are my own

The package was sent out on October 5th and arrived on my doorstep on the 14th. The shipping took less that 10 days so I am very impressed! Everything was wrapped in plastic bags and nothing was damaged c:

Surprisingly, I don't actually own a beige cardigan ;-; So of course I had to get one. Even though it's spring/summer right now, it can still be pretty cold on some days. I hope I won't get this dirty D:

There are 2 pockets, which I'm super happy about. There were no loose threads and the buttons were sewed on securely. Overall, I am very happy with the quality of this cardigan :D

The cardigan is very baggy and doesn't have a lot of shape. I also thought that the material is a bit... Stiff? Maybe it will become softer after I wash it a couple of times :o It was very warm and would be perfect for Autumn~

Overall:     / 5

More information
  • Length(cm) :82cm
  • Bust(cm) :102cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :42cm
  • Sleeve Length :64cm
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Color :Beige

Oh my the skirt was so wrinkly, I forgot to iron it before taking the photos D: The zipper is hardly visible which I am grateful for, however it is a bit difficult to zip up... I really hope it wouldn't get stuck/break >< There is this long loose thread at the back (you can see it in the first photo), but that was the only loose thread I could find c: The skirt itself is a lot lighter than what the images on the website

To be honest, I don't like this skirt that much. The material is very itchy and rough, which made it pretty uncomfortable to wear, so if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, you might want to stay away from this skirt. It's also a lot puffy and shorter than I expected it to be. The skirt is quite stiff, so it should be fine for slightly windy days~

Overall:    / 5

More information
  • Length(cm) :S:39cm,M:40cm,L:41cm,XL:42cm
  • Waist Size(cm) :S:66cm,M:70cm,L:74cm,XL:78cm
  • Fabric :Fabric has some stretch
  • Pattern Type :Plain
  • Silhouette :A Line
  • Dresses Length :Mini

The third item I got was this pink jacket. It's such a pretty pastel pink oh my ;; It gives off such a typical Tumblr aesthetics feel haha. The zipper is in such a pretty gold colour :D

Yeeeah that patch on the sleeve doesn't really make sense haha. A lot of people said they hated the patch, but I actually like it a lot! I think it matches the aesthetics theme (except for the missing words etc)

The jacket fits perfectly! The fact that it's very lightweight and is in a pastel colour makes it perfect for spring. I think it will suit a lot of body shapes since it is on the baggier side
What is the right side of my hair doing idek

Overall:      / 5

More information
  • Bust(cm) :124cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :48cm
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Length(cm) :68cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :57cm
  • Pattern Type :Plain

Hahaha the front and back both look the same :') This skirt is very soft and super stretchy. Thank god it's not itchy ahhh. As you can tell, the quality of this skirt is not that great, especially the stitching :/

The skirt looked a lot more A-line in the photos of the website >_< But that's ok, because now I finally have a tighter skirt! It looks a bit fat around my hip because I tucked my shirt in oops hehe

Overall:    / 5

More information
  • Length(cm) :43cm
  • Hip Size(cm) :88-120cm
  • Waist Size(cm) :60-82cm
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Pattern Type :Plain

I seriously have 40 striped tops in my closet... But I thought this one had an interesting design (the lace up bit and the ruffles on the sleeves) so I had to get it haha. For some reason in the photos on Romwe, the ruffles looked a lot flatter? 

Note: Unfortunately this top is sold out TT^TT

The string (is that what it's called??) is a lot longer than it should be, so I had to make the bow super big/droopy :/ The ends were also fraying, so I'll have to do something about that

Weeeeeell what can I say? It looks so unflattering on... Maybe it's just me? The ruffles stand out so much and the sleeves are a bit too short for my liking. I don't even know, not a big fan of this top :/

Overall:   / 5

More information
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :42cm
  • Bust(cm) :110cm
  • Shoulder(cm) :58cm
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Length(cm) :62cm
  • Fabric :Fabric has some stretch

The last item I chose was this skirt! I really like the design of this skirt and I'm so glad I got it hehe c:
Note: Unfortunately this top is sold out TT^TT

I really like the ruffled/wrinkled (LOL) design at the waist, it makes the skirt a lot more interesting in my opinion ;; There are actually shorts built into this, so you won't suffer from any embarrassing moments ^^ 

I really do like this skirt, I'm so happy I managed to grab it before it sold out! It's the perfect length and size which is awesome. It's very chic and I can definitely see myself wearing this all year round

Overall:      / 5

More information
  • Size Available :one-size
  • Length(cm) :41cm
  • Waist Size(cm) :60-80cm
  • Belt :YES
  • Fabric :Fabric has no stretch
  • Pattern Type :Plain

  • Shipping: 10/10
  • Customer service: 10/10
    Overall: 10/10

Thank you for reading the review up to this point, I know it was super long aha. Also, a massive thank you to Romwe for sponsoring me! Eep my end of year exams start in a couple of weeks so I'll have to study hard D: Wish me luck!

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