Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #10 Peach Parfait

5:24:00 PM

Hello everyone, I hope you had fun on Halloween! Today I will be review Etude House's Lovely Cookie Blusher in #10 Peach Parfait. When I saw the packaging of these blushes... Well I couldn't resist and I bought one hehe

I chose #10 because I prefer a matte, peachy blush over pink/shimmery ones. I think peach or orange blushes look best with my darker, yellow undertone skin c:

Lovely Cookie Blushers come in 12 different colours:
#1: Strawberry Mousse, non-Pearl, immaculate strawberry milk color
#2: No pearl, cute berry-pink color
#3: Delicate silver pearl hot-pink color#4: Gold & sliver pearl orange color#6: No pearl, coral pink color#7: Delicate gold pearl rose-pink color#9: No pearl, lovely strawberry milk color#10: No pearl, peach bright color#11 Lovely natural beige pink color

According to Etude House's website, this product is:
A blusher that supplies cheeks with vivid color for a peppy and gorgeous look by just light dabbing with the included lovely puff.

- Blur effect: The unique powder that reflects shine to various ways to express bright skin color is used to deliver excellent application and delicate vivid colors.
- Long lasting: Sebum Control Powder tech is applied to absorb sebum to maintain fresh makeup and it contains Coating Pigment for long-lasting clear makeup.
- Lovely Puff: Fluffy cushion type puff helps blend and build beautifully to desired intensity.

While I personally really like the round packaging, I can understand why some people might dislike it: it's really hard to store! Since it's round, you can't stack products on top of it >.< The lid seems quite delicate so make sure you don't drop it!
I like how this blush comes with a puff so I don't have to buy my own :D It's also great for travelling since you won't have to bring a brush

Look at how pretty it is! Definitely a great blush for spring and summer. The blush's texture is very smooth and soft, kind of reminds me of baby powder :D I found that this blush is very easy to blend when you use the puff, it doesn't leave any harsh lines so it's the perfect blush for beginners

I had to layer this blush on quite a bit for the colour to show up properly, even then the colour did not show up that well on camera :c

Can you see the bluuush? It's very subtle and natural looking haha I'm sure it will be more pigmented on lighter skin tones. If I apply two light layers it will give me a healthy glow, which is perfect for the summer hehe. It lasted for around 5 hours, which to me is pretty long lasting (it was hot that day as well! And my skin is super oily haha)

  • Super cute packaging
  • Looks natural
  • Comes with a puff
  • Great lasting power
  • Comes in a large range of colours
  • Reasonable price
  • No scent
  • Texture is soft and silky
  • Doesn't look cakey
  • Not that pigmented (on me)
  • A bit hard to store
  • Delicate packaging
Overall, I do like this blush! I wouldn't say it's ultra amazing or anything, but I do recommend it if you're new to makeup~ I give this a 3/5

Hope you enjoyed this Etude House review ^^ Have a nice day!

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  1. I love this blush. I have one also. I have medium tan skin and it shows up on my skin. Even though I so have to apply a bit for it to show but I still love this blush color :3