Spring Eye Makeup Tutorial

11:23:00 PM

Hello everyone! Since I did an Autumn eye makeup look, it would only be fair to do a more girly, spring-y look for everyone living in the Southern Hemisphere (aka me), sooooo here it is! :D

1. Like always, I start off by priming my eyes. If you're looking for a cheap yet amazing eye primer, I highly recommend the one by Etude House, it's soooo good

2. Apply a soft pink all over your lids and a bit over your crease. Unfortunately my camera can't capture light colours that well :c

3. Use a darker shade of pink on the outer third of your eye and blend it up to the crease. Please excuse the change in lighting!

4. Dust a orange shimmery shadow over the other two thirds of your lids. Then use a pale shimmery shadow on your inner corner and half of your lower lash line

5. Use a brown pinkish colour on the other half of your lower lash line. Make sure you apply it softly, otherwise it might look a bit harsh!

6. I used a dark brown pencil liner instead of a liquid liner and smudged it a little to soften up the look. I filled in the waterline with the same pencil liner~

6. Curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara! If you want this look to be lighter(?) you can use a brown mascara instead of a black one c:

And that's it :D I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you decide to try it out, please let me know ^^ Have a good day!

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