Autumn Eye Makeup Tutorial

2:01:00 AM

Woooaaah two posts in one day!? Whaaat?
In this post, I will be showing you a bronze/copper eye makeup inspired by all Autumn~ I really like shimmery copper and bronze eye shadows so I wanted to in-cooperate them into an eye makeup look... And well, it basically screamed Autumn LOL
The lenses I'm wearing: Pop-C Brown You can read a review on them here

1. The first step is to prime your eyes with a good primer. This will make the eye shadow last longer and the colour will be more pigmented

2. Use your fingers to apply a bronze shadow all over your lids, I will use this as a base for what I'll put on my lids next :D Make sure to go a little bit over your crease. I'm using Bad To The Bronze from Maybelline and omfg it's gorgeous 

3. On top of that, add a warm copper shade. Make sure you don't go over your crease

4. Add a warm brown shadow on the outer V and use a lighter version of the brown as your transition colour. THEN BLEND AWAYYYY

5. -_- that lighting change though. Use a tiny bit of the warm dark brown on the outer third of your lower lash line. Use a pinkish bronze on the next third. The Oh So Special palette by Sleek has a couple of nice browns and a good pink bronze colour c:

6. Brighten up the inner corners with a pale gold and use that on the last third of your lower lash line!

7. I didn't want my eyeliner to be sharp/harsh, so I decided to use a creamy brown pencil instead of a liquid eyeliner. I drew a very simple wing and only extended it a little

8. Curl your eyelashes and use your favourite mascara! Of course, you can also use fake lashes~ ahh my eye looks so scary ahhaha

Here is the finished look!

I hope this tutorial was somewhat helpful aha, please let me know if you are going to try this look out! If you're in the Southern Hemisphere like me, I will have a Spring eye makeup look coming soon, so please stay tuned :D

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