Klenspop review: SIO 3 Colour Lizzy Blue and Mocha

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Hello~ I am back with another review for Klenspop lenses! This time I will be reviewing SIO 3 Colour Lizzy Blue and SIO 3 Colour Lizzy Mocha. In case you don't know, Klenspop is an amazing site that sells really cute contact lenses. They're based in Korea and is one of the leading circle lens companies

The lenses were sent to me, but all opinions are my own!

The parcel was sent out from Korea on 27 July, 2015 and arrived on my doorstep on 6 August. Even though it took a bit longer than the other packages Klenspop has sent me, it's still pretty good considering that I live in New Zealand

Everything came wrapped in heaps of bubble wrap to avoid breakage. They also included an instructions pamphlet for beginners. I noticed that Klenspop changed their circle lens case design. The old design used to be a see through pink with 1 white lid and 1 pink lid. It's now a solid white with blue and pink lids! I really like the new design because it looks more professional hehe


Basic information

Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic diameter: 13.6mm
Water content: 45%
Base curve: 8.7mm
Life span: 6 months

The water content is extra high because these are silicon hydro lens. They're perfect for you if you tend to wear lenses for a long period of time and they won't make your eyes feel dry

These look so pretty in the case! They have a blue limbo ring which will help enlarge your eyes. The little stripes are a mixture of the same kind of blue and a deep purple. I think this is pretty cool since it adds some interested to the lens (instead of it being a plain blue)

As always, the colour shows up darker on my eyes because I have really dark eyes and colours don't show up that well on them. While the blue and purple don't blend super well into my brown eyes, they're natural enough for me

You can hardly see the blue colour when you're inside, but occasionally you can see flashes of the mysterious colour. In certain lighting it even makes my eyes look deeper and darker. Once you're in the sun, the colour becomes very obvious and it's sooo pretty *_* 


Basic information

Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic diameter: 13.6mm
Water content: 45%
Base curve: 9.7mm
Life span: 6 months

Like the blue ones, these brown/mocha ones also have a limbo ring around them, but in brown of course. The stripes are brown and a dark grey. This is pretty unique since most lenses would just have different shades of brown

I was actually real worried that these won't show up at all on my eyes, but I was pleasantly surprised. They don't have a huge difference, just enough to be noticed. I honestly like how naturally the grey blends in with my eye colour. Definitely not your normal brown lenses~

Thought I should include at least one normal photo LOL. These are very very natural. You can hardly tell my eye colour changed if you're looking from a distance. They did make my eyes look lighter though!

Comfort: 10/10 Due to the fact that both of these are silicon hydro lens, they kept my eyes hydrated for a long amount of time

Colour: 6/10 They both blend into my eyes nicely. Though in certain lighting they don't show up at all

Enlargement: 10/10 These make your eyes look a lot bigger thanks to the limbal rings. If you want a cute dolly look, these are perfect for you!

Overall: 8/10

Thanks for reading this review ^^ I hope you all have a fab day! Don't forget to check out Klenspop when you have time :D

Products used in makeup look:

Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special
E.L.F Studio Eyeshadow Primer
Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara

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